Excel Shortcuts
for Google Sheets

ShortieCuts is a Chrome extension that enables Excel-style "ALT key" shortcuts on Google Sheets + Trace Formulas, Goal Seek, and More

Used by professionals from firms like these:

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Product Features

300+ Excel ALT Shortcuts for Google Sheets

How it works: Just hit "ALT" (or Option on Mac) and key-tips appear in the corner of your screen

Align Text

Freeze Frames

Delete Column / Row

Insert Chart

Change Font

Paste Special

Remove Gridlines

Adjust Zoom

Insert Table

Add Borders

Pivot Table

Goal Seek

Trace Formulas

We figured out a way to Trace Dependents and Trace Precedents in Google Sheets using the same keyboard shortcuts as Excel. It even works across tabs and lets you return to the previous cell using F5 just like Excel. No more getting lost when auditing formulas.

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Add/Remove Columns/Rows

No more clicking headers or struggling to remember the Google Sheets shortcut. Want to add/remove a column or row? Do it the way you're used to: Highlight the whole column or row on the first try using CTRL+SPACE or SHIFT+SPACE then add or delete the column/row using the Excel-style CTRL shortcut.

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Freeze Frames

Freezes frames in a single stroke rather than having to freeze the row and column separately. Google Sheets (by default) freezes panes in the down/right direction rather than up/left like Excel. We fixed that too.

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Goal Seek

Our Goal Seek works just like Excel's. Find the perfect number fast.

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TTS Macro Formatting

Used to formatting with Training the Street Macros? Those superpowers are now on Google Sheets. You're welcome. (Mac-only. PC blocks us on this feature.)

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Details Matter

Within the color palette, we added an Excel-style contrast ring around the color to make it easier to see which one you're selecting during keyboard-only navigation.

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Customer Testimonials

Josh W.

"It might be an understatement to say how transformative this extension can be to heavy Excel users."

Joe A.

"Anyone with some financial modeling background who uses Google Sheets should be more than happy to pay the monthly subscription."

Karan B.

"All serious excel users who have been waiting to move to Sheets will appreciate this extension."

Profile picture of Karan, a happy user
Karan B.

"All serious excel users who have been waiting to move to Sheets will appreciate this extension."

Isabella Bradley
Anonymous User

"After discovering ShortieCuts, I spent the entire weekend migrating all of my office 365 trackers / files to google sheets."

Drago Blake
Mack P.

"I use this daily. Can't imagine life without it."



Your data is your data. We don't have access to any of the content on your page, nor do we have a sever to store it even if we wanted to. Everything runs locally on your computer so there's no way for us to read or store any content from your Google Sheet or browser.

Supported Browsers

Today, the app only works on Google Chrome. We plan to add Safari soon.


If you have feedback, please contact us and we'd be glad to hear your thoughts.