July 23, 2021

ShortieCuts: ALT-Key Shortcuts Extension for Google Sheets

This will make you love Google Sheets like you love Excel...without having to re-learn anything new.

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ShortieCuts: ALT-Key Shortcuts for Google Sheets

How to Use Excel Alt Key Shortcuts for Google Sheets

As a Google Sheets user, you may have found yourself missing some of the keyboard shortcuts and features that you’re used to in Excel. ShortieCuts is here to bridge that gap, bringing many of the familiar shortcuts and functions you love from Excel directly to your Google Sheets experience.

Harnessing the power of shortcuts can make any spreadsheet endeavor faster and easier, but Google Sheets is a whole new learning curve for proficient Excel users. For instance, Google Sheets is missing ALT-key shortcuts -- perhaps one of the most widely-used type of Excel shortcut.

These time savers are incredibly valuable when working through large models that need quick formatting or large sets of data in your spreadsheet. Problem is, Google Sheets doesn’t make it easy to harness the power of these Excel shortcuts on its platform. With ShortieCuts’ easy to use Google Chrome Extension, all you need is a push of a button to help you easily utilize those Excel shortcuts in Sheets. You’ll no longer need to slog through data without Excel's useful Alt Key Shortcuts!

Excel Alt Key Use Cases

Microsoft Excel offers countless features to benefit its users and make their lives easier. One of the most powerful, however, is the Excel Alt key. This feature enables shortcuts for a variety of uses that can save time, energy and hassle. With just a few strokes of the keyboard, you can use various functions such as summing columns and activating a chart with one keystroke instead of manually entering data or formatting text. It's also possible to quickly insert symbols without laboriously searching through menus and fonts. The Excel Alt key has limitless potential to optimize your workflow and streamlining your tasks - making it an invaluable tool for both analytical professionals and casual spreadsheet users alike.

What happens, then, when you’re forced to work in Google Sheets? You want the same power as Excel in this alternative spreadsheet application. That’s where ShortieCuts easy to use Chrome extension comes in, saving you time and plenty of headaches. You get the same power of Excel in Sheets.

How to Use Alt Key Shortcuts in Google Sheets

Navigating Google Sheets can be a daunting task, especially when trying to keep track of all the shortcuts available to make your data entry and spreadsheet manipulation more efficient. When trying to maximize your efficiency in Sheets after using Excel for a long time can be extremely frustrating. Trying to find the shortcuts you’re used to is annoying to say the least.

The good news is that you can easily use your favorite Alt key shortcuts in Google Sheets. ShortieCuts provides an intuitive and time-saving way to quickly access menus, functions, and commands. Using the Alt key in combination with other keys, you can take advantage of the many features Google Sheets has to offer. Simply click the ShortieCuts extension and browse convenient Alt Key shortcuts with ease.

With a click of a button, this convenient method of clicking and selecting commands without navigating through multiple menus could save you time as you work with spreadsheets in the future. Try it out today!

ShortieCuts Allows You to Use Alt Key Shortcuts in Sheets

ShortieCuts is a Chrome extension that allows you to use Excel ALT-key shortcuts in Google Sheets. This means that you can use the same keyboard shortcuts for formatting, editing, and navigating that you’re used to in Excel, all within Google Sheets. The extension also brings a number of other useful Excel features to Google Sheets, including the ability to trace formulas, use goal seek, and use other CTRL-key shortcuts.

Why use ShortieCuts?

There are a few key reasons why you might want to use ShortieCuts with your Google Sheets:

Familiarity: If you’re used to using Excel and its keyboard shortcuts, it can be frustrating to switch to a new program and have to learn a whole new set of shortcuts. ShortieCuts allows you to use the same shortcuts you’re used to, making it easier to transition between the two programs.

Efficiency: Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time when it comes to formatting, editing, and navigating your spreadsheets. By using ShortieCuts, you can take advantage of these time-saving shortcuts within Google Sheets.

Improved productivity: By streamlining your workflow and allowing you to use familiar shortcuts, ShortieCuts can help you work more efficiently and get more done in less time.

How to use ShortieCuts:

Using ShortieCuts is simple: just install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and you’re ready to go. The extension will automatically detect when you’re using Google Sheets and enable the Excel ALT-key shortcuts, as well as the other features it offers.


If you’re a Google Sheets user who misses the keyboard shortcuts and features of Excel, ShortieCuts is a must-have extension. It allows you to use familiar shortcuts and functions within Google Sheets, improving your productivity and streamlining your workflow. Give it a try and see how it can transform your Google Sheets experience.